Meet Our Trainers

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Sara-Beth Carbonaro

Sara has been a personal trainer for over 5 years.   She is a graduate from Sacred Heart University with my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology.  She currently holds her Personal Training Certification through American College of Sports Medicine and she also has her Spinning Certification through MAD DOG.   As a personal trainer Sara-Beth believes that fitness has the potential to improve not only your health and well-being but also your quality of life and most importantly your self-esteem.  She is committed to helping others reach their goals and live a happy, healthy life.  A little fun fact about Sara-Beth is that she is an ISI Adult National Figure Skating Champion!


Alex Egiziano

Alex is a N.F.P.T Certified Personal Trainer.  For over 10 years, he has extensive sports/fitness background in baseball, volleyball, soccer, terrain races such as Spartan Race, Rugged Maniac, Tough Mudder and many others.  His focus is on cultivating the well-being of his clients by understanding the relationship between the human body and fitness, as well as to provide guidance, support and assistance to achieve realistic goals.  His objective is to make his clients the best version of themselves, physically, mentally and healthy.  He will be running a boot camp class that will focus on full body workouts that incorporate, plyometric circuits, free weights and…..sweat!


Elsa Koency

Elsa is house certified personal trainer and nutrition counselor through Rye Brook Personal Training.  She started as a client six years ago as a client and enjoyed it so much she decided to stay full time as an employee.  Elsa believes that our relationship with food should be a positive one.  Food was meant to sustain us through nourishment and pleasure.  The focus at PTI is to get people to eat healthy, whole foods that can help you lose or maintain your weight and not feel hungry in the process.   Elsa believes that practicing self-care is vital to attaining a healthy weight.  In a very supportive environment, themes of sleep quality, stress, time management and maintaining levels of activity are addressed